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    old milwaukee (strong/ice) is one of my favorite beers!
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    I have had almost thirty of these. I am pretty okay with that.
  3. semiretiredpunk answered: "America" was a pretty horrible beer, and I used to drink Falls CIty. I got a case of America for about $6 once, and don’t think it was worth
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    The vegetable/herb beers don’t sound appealing. At all. I’m surprised that the only beers I’ve had on this list are Olde...
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    Sometimes you just need a shitty beer
  6. lwaggie answered: Wild Blue Blueberry Lager by Anheuser-Busch
  7. mcboots answered: keystone!
  8. sararenee answered: budweiser.
  9. yearinbeer2 answered: Sherwood Forest’s Friar’s Belgian Style White Ale
  10. homebrew-noob answered: Budweiser,for sure
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  12. controljunkies answered: Heineken
  13. cracklins answered: Most macros are bland/uninspiring, but the most undrinkable was Trinity Old Growth. I LIKE sours, but that was just toxic.
  14. ciarafbaby answered: miller high life D;
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  16. burritogodbaddwolfe answered: stack, steel kettle, and taurino have to be the worst beers ever made, and they’re not even on that list
  17. theprofdrinks answered: Shipyard Upta Camp
  18. rusackas answered: I’d probably have to say super smoky rauschbiers. I can drink crap macros if I must, but not a beer that tastes like a fireplace.
  19. svgllmnt answered: budweiser, miller, coors and their varieties. Along with anything that is sold in a 32/40oz at a 7-11
  20. peace-bone answered: natural ice/light
  21. brs answered: King Cobra is the worst thing I’ve ever put in my body. An Ithaca Apricot Wheat that someone put a cigarette butt in tasted better.
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  23. bjr answered: mac and jacks
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    The single most unsurprising list in the history of lists.
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    I was happy to find out that I don’t drink any of these.
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    bud light lime isn’t on here…something is very wrong. also, i wish this list didn’t include malt liquor. unless you’re...
  27. ohryankelley answered: TIE! Leinenkugel Sunset Wheat & Bud Light Lime
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